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Big Paul holding newly cut tree
Big log
"Big Paul in woods"
Looking UP at Paul Bunyan!
Giant rampaging in city
Giant in the City
Paul Bunyan shirtless and relaxing
Hello LIttle Men
Paul Bunyan with friends sitting on shoulder watching fireworks
Paul and fireworks
Big Paul with companion on shoulder
Paul and pal
Big Paul uses waterfall for shower
Big Paul and Jean-Pierre clean up
Big Paul's arm supports buddy
Big Paul's bicep (and buddy)
Big Paul reads message in cut trees for lumberjack
Paul's Valentine
Giant drinking from water tower
Thirsty Giant
Giant towers over city and holds people in his hand
The Giant
Miles-high giant towers over landscape
The View From Up Here
Giant walking through town
Giant smashing buildings as he walks
Giant on Rampage
Giant chasing little man
Come back here!
giant holding car and reaching for man
Giant at Play

"Paul Bunyan walking with tree over shoulder"
Big Paul Bunyan

Giant builds Stonehenge
How Stonehenge was REALLY built!
Atlas holding up sky
Giant strolls over mountain range
Giant Stepping Over Mountains
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Adventures of the Giant
growing giant 1 A body-
the roof,
 a giant.
giant meets media2 The giant meets the neighbors and the media.
giant carries friends3 The giant gives a couple of his lifting buds a ride.
giant lifts car4 The
Giant cuts through traffic, HIS way.
giant measured5 Yards
 of canvas
replace the Giant's
trunks, and his
lifting buds
bring him some
giant-sized supplies.
giant sleeps in garage
6 The giant squeezes
into his garage for a nap. 
Two of his lifting buds join him.
giant smashes building7 Who needs a wrecking ball?  The Giant and his buddies put his power to work and start a construction
second giant appears8  Someone else has been sampling the Super Gro protein powder! Has the Giant met his match?
giants fight9 The battle is on between the giants!
Giant  #1 lies under the truck thrown by Giant #2 an dgathers his strength.10 The Giant gathers his strength as Giant #2 continues his challenge. Giant #1 grows11 The surge of adrenaline triggers another growth spurt...
the Giant towers over them all.

Giant towers over other giant12  Get the measuring tape!
Giant offers handshake13 The Giant makes an
offer of frienship  to the smaller giant...

Giants shake hands.14 The Giants shake hands and begin a friendship. The Giants and their buds walk off to a new adventure15  The two giants and their buds walk away to a new adventure.

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