Police Military and Firefighter muscle banner
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Saluting the Armed Forces, the Big Arms of the Law, and the smokin' guns of the Fire Department!
Shirtless muscular soldier with flag
Patriot Muscle
Muscular fireman flexing bicep as tribal pattern flames radiate from arm
Fireman Flex
 Muscular marine in double biceps pose
Marine Muscle
Hispanic bodybuilder cop
Officer  Ramirez

shirtless bodybuilder fireman with axe and hat
Fireman 1
muscleman in police shirt does curls and looks at viewer
Muscle Cop II
shirtless bodybuilder fireman and cop arm wrestle
Cop & Fireman Bicep Battle
Musceman aircraft "nose" art
Nose art #1
Beefcake airplane nose art of  a muscled sky god hurling lightening bolts
Nose art #2
shirtless muscleman in cammo shorts
Cammo Muscle
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