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It's all about MUSCLE. Massive, powerful muscle sculpted by sweat and iron
and desire. Pushing past barriers to realms of inhuman size and power only dreamed of by others.

Kallikrates (Carl) applies olive oil after a bath
Kallikrates (Carl) applying oil,
a sketch for Hearts & Iron #4

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Carl measuring John's flexed arm
Measuring the Mountain
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John and Carl in pool
Summer Days
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carl and John in overalls
Heartland Muscle
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Carl, John and Rex the rottweiler stargazing on hillsice
shirtless black muscleman
hear and torso shot, cigar smoking man with muscular, hairy chest
Cigar Muscle
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Mature muscleman
Mature Muscle
Man flexing huge arm, shirt sleeve in shreds
Ripped Sleeve
Shirtless muscular man lights bearish man's cigar
Smokin Studs
John swings hammer in test of strength
Power at the Fair

big, hairy bearded muscleman in shorts and sneakers
Bear Muscle

John and Carl in sleeping bag
Carl and John Sleeping

tatted muscleman curling dumbells
Inked and Huge
lumberjack with axe
Muscular Hispanic guy in open leather jacket
Muscle & Leather

muscleman with black cat tattoo flexes
Black Kat Muscle
4 muscular, shirtless tattoed dudes in a jeep, looking at viewer

Bearded muscleman, shirt open showing huge furry chest
Furry Bodybuilder

bearded husky man with beer belly, ball cap , smoking cigar

tall muscular man, ball cap, sleeveless flannel shirt, cigarette in hand
Redneck Muscle
Two muscular men armwrestle in bar, faces grimacing, arms bulging, buddies cheering
The Challenge 
powerlifter sketch
Powerlifter study

Older muscleman with white beard and cigar
Santa bear (off season)

muscular redheaded farmer, no shirt and overalls, picking pumpkins in field
Harvest Musclee
shirtless cowboy at campfire
Wild West Muscle
bear lumberjack
muscled man in cut offs washing car
Muscled Carwasher
Muscular, goateed auto mechanic
Muscle Mechanic
God of the Forge hammers sword
muscular hiker on mountaintop
football player
Football Player
muscleman lifting shirt to show six pack
Six pack check
muscleman onporch wathcing sunset
Watching the Sunset

masssive bulked up powerlifter
Bulked Up
Quick sketch of freakishly huge bodybuilder in do rag
Too Huge

hugely muscled man of color, wide v back and flexed bicep
Too Huge II
John and Carl compare muscle size with pumpkins
Scary size!

John stripping for women
John moonlights as a stripper
cowboy with instense eyes
Cowboy Gaze

John face and shoulders
Big John Head and shoulders sketch

Bouncer with big arms folded across chest
muslceman lifting big stone
A naked strongman lifts heavy
red headed muscleman flexing a bicep

Irish here CuChulainn
Irish Mythic Hero CuChulainn

big muscleman with dumbells
Big and Growing Bigger

Muscleman carrying heavy iron in farmer's walk
Farmer's Walk

Muscleman with shredded t shirt
Need a new shirt!

Looking up at cigar-smoking muscleman
Big Smoker
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Massive man in mirror
Monster in the Mirror
John naked
John in the Buff

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