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Welcome to my site of bodybuilding and husky male physique art!

I am the creator/writer/artist of the romantic and erotic gay comic book and strip Hearts & Iron, featuring Carl Hanson and John Sullivan, two iron-pumping men who begin a life-journey together. Their path will take them into scuffles in which they turn the tables on bashers, and other timelines where they compete in the ancient Olympics. They debuted on Jeff's Muscle Studio and currently appear in 5 self - published issues of Hearts & Iron and a web. On the Strips page, you can also read Paul Bunyan and Ursus Major, A Werebear's Tale, two other strips I'm currently drawing and writing (Ursus also appears in FKN.) Enjoy the site, check out the store and purchase comics if you'd like.

Jeff Jacklin

Happy Easter and Spring Equinox to all! A drawing from the archives... click on the image below for a larger view.

Carl And John with easter basket

What's New..

orted by soldiers
New! A detail
of a finished page from the in progress Project Hercules... click on the image for a full view.

John in shackles
A detail of a finished page from the in progress Project Hercules... click on the image for a full view.

Carl in interior of Project Hercules complex
A detail of a finished page from the in progress Project Hercules... click on the image for a full view.


John and Carl muscled backs
Hearts & Iron
New! John dominates!
Cub and werebear
Ursus Major, A Werebear's Tale

A winter walk. New strip coming soon.
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Paul and new friends
Paul Bunyan
New! Paul and new friends hard at work.
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Books for sale!

HI JackedPaul's strip collection is now available! The current online episodes and new strips continuing his north woods workout, and the beginnings of a new tale. 28 pages. Available as a pdf.

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ursus bookThe Werebear and Cub have their own book! All the current strips and extra art collected in a pdf edtion. 44 pages.

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jackedEnjoy all current 37 collected Hearts & Iron web strips in one volume, with some unpublished art, and rough sketches for various strips. 52 pages.

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Hearts & Iron comics are available in digital editions! Learn more/to order >
HI Covers
Follow the story of Samson and Pete
in Big Is Better.
Big is Better
Have John and Carl on your desktop! Wallpaper versions of H & I art (yes, Big Paul and the Werebears are coming as wallpaper too) are now available at the Store.

campfireJohn, Carl & Rex / Campfire 1600 x 900. To order>

Kal & Ioannes
Kallikrates & Ioannes 1024 x 768. To order>

Bear Noir! A Halloween werebear strip!

I was looking for a good horror movie on TV... clicked through a lot of dumb slasher movies, looking in vain (vein?) for The Wolfman or some other classic monster flick that relied more on mystery and atmosphere than gore... hmm, wait, I'm drawing a strip about shapeshifters... ok, I'll draw my own movie. In black and white. Click on the icons to read "Ursus Manor!"

Ursus Manor detail ursus manor 2 wereber hears growls
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Ursus Manor 4 detail    
Part 4    
The Construction Foreman - unpublished art
Some pages and characters I sketched some years ago about a giant (twice normal size) construction foreman and a romance with a regular sized worker.Yes, he's very Paul Bunyan-esque. I could develop this into a full story...
Click on images for a full view.
giant foreman detail page 1 giant foreman detail p 2 giant foreman sketches detail
Page 1 Page 2 Character sketches - Foreman and l'il worker...
I'm writing multiple storylines for Hearts & Iron; I felt it was time to show where those stories are going, even though they are in rough stages. Below are previews of the H & I #6 "King of Stones" issue, where the Entwined Lives arc moves further ahead in time to the 9th - 10th century AD in Ireland, and Carl and John are incarnated as Viking and Celt, respectively. The Project Hercules story will probably be a one shot special issue. Also, new webcomics, and a preview panel of a new Paul Bunyan strip - his workouts are paying off! See more in an upcoming ebook.

Hearts & Iron #6 Rough Pages Preview
A detail from rough penciled pages and character sketches. Click on image for a 4
page preview.
John breaks chains
Project Hercules rough previews
A detail from rough penciled pages of the Project Hercules story. Click on image for a 3 page preview.

paul b naked forest workout





A preview panel from the new Paul Bunyan strip. Click image for a larger view.
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HI 5 coverHearts & Iron comic books are available in digital versions!
Order all 5 issues of Hearts & Iron full length comic books in pdf form. They look great on an iPad! Go to the Store to order.


hossCheck out Brutus Wear T shirts, featuring my artwork!
Go to http://brutus-wear.com/ to learn more.
Legion of Bears
Bears assemble!
Characters I came up with and illustrated for Phurfest 2012 in Phoenix.

 Hearts & Iron T shirts now available at Redbubble! Click on the image to learn more.

meatyI have a one page illustration (of Class Comics characters) in the Class Comics Halloween special (the "Treat" edition.) Over 80 other artists are featured. Check it out here!

A few words from fellow artist Rainer on the practice of assuming that content —
aritsts' work — on the web is there for the taking:
Not Funny

A review of my comic by fellow comic artist/writer/blogger Rainer Hormann, in English. Thanks Rainer!

Fellow comic artist/writer/blogger (“Samstag ist ein guter Tag”) Rainer Hörmann's latest collection of essays. 

For more H & I / Werebear/Paul Bunyan webcomics, go to the Strips page.

For previews of Hearts & Iron,
click here.

marriage equality image< Here is my version of the "Marriage Equality" icon for FB - click for larger view.


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